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Garage Door Sensor Repair Cypress, Ca

Garage Door Sensor Repair

garage door sensor repairWith automatic garage door problems you can usually isolate the situation into a mechanical or an electronic problem. The electronic component of a garage door opening is the sensor and the remote. Sometimes the individual elements within these electronic components malfunction and it could lead to a non-operating garage door. As with most clients of Cypress A1 Garage Door Repair, we’re sure that if you’re in this situation, you want it resolved as soon as possible. That’s why you should come to experienced veterans garage door sensor repair cypress like us.

Why Won’t It Open?

Sensors are developed to receive a signal from a remote and then activate the mechanical part of the garage door system. An electronic fault has different key signs from a mechanical fault. A trained practitioner of garage door repair can spot these almost immediately. One of the more common situations that arise with the electronic components is that the sensor itself has become damaged due to one or more external factors. A damaged sensor will still receive a signal from the remote but it won’t act on it, meaning the door will remain closed if it’s closed or open if it’s open. Another problem situation that can come up is where the remote doesn’t send a strong enough sustained signal to the sensor. In such a case the remote can be fixed to deliver a stronger signal and ensure the garage door will open when the remote is pressed.

Getting the Repairs Right

In life, time is money, that’s just a fact. If you garage door is stalled that means you will be hampered in doing what you need to do. Deciding to go with a professional repair service such as Cypress A1 Garage Door Repair saves you the trouble of having to deal with poor repairs and substandard work. We pride ourselves in delivering the best to our clients, knowing that they need their garage door repaired in the shortest possible time. We work on efficiency and professionalism. Why don’t you try us? Contact us today to get quality garage door repair service you can trust.