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The Most Superior Garage Door Repair Services and Installation Services in Cypress, CA

The Most Superior Garage Door Repair Services and Installation Services in Cypress, CA

The Most Superior Garage Door Repair Services and Installation Services in Cypress

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Cypress A1 Garage Door Repair offers the citizens of Cypress the most superior garage door repair and installation services available in the area. We are a locally owned and operated garage door service company with over 22 years of experience under our belt. During the past 22 plus years, we have not only become experts of our trade, but also discovered the secrets to exceptional garage door repair cypress and installation services that keep our customers happy, spreading the word and coming back for more! Our valued customer’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance to our brand and thus we back all of our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are looking for superior garage door repair or installation services in the Cypress area, then call us today  to schedule your same day service appointment!

Cypress’s Most Magnificent New Custom Wood and New Custom Glass Garage Door Provider

Our exceptional selection of Cypress’s most exquisite new custom wood and new custom glass garage doors by the nation’s most renowned brand names is what gives us our name as the leader in magnificent custom garage doors in the area. The craftsman and workmanship of each and every one of these pieces truly is remarkably amazing. If you are looking for a garage door upgrade for either your place of business or place of residence, then give us a call today to discuss your new custom wood and new custom glass garage door options.

Your Go to Broken Spring Repair, Opener Repair or Gate Repair Cypress Experts

Our trained professional services technicians are capable of expertly handling any broken springs, openers or gates repairs presented to them, where we guarantee that they will do so in a cost effective and time efficient manner. Our staff and their trucks are always well-equipped for every job where they will immediately address the issue at hand involving any model or make of garage door. Let us be your go to repair specialists and get the job done quick and effectively.

Cypress’s Any time Emergency Garage Door Repair Service Experts

If you’re looking for after hours emergency garage door repair services, then you have come to the right place. Cypress A1 Garage Door Repair offers convenient 24/7 emergency garage door anytime repair services to our valued customers. Rest assured when choosing Cypress A1 Garage Door Repair that you will receive the same top of the line service that we always provide as all of our work remains covered under the same everyday price, satisfaction and timeliness guarantees. So call us today to save both time and money on your emergency garage door repair, getting it done whenever you need be!

Call You Cypress Garage Door Repair and Installation Experts Today

If you are looking for exceptional garage door repair or installation services guaranteed high quality and low price then call your Cypress garage door service experts today and get both the service and pricing that you deserve!

New Custom Wood, Glass, Aluminium Garage Doors

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Are your old garage doors worn out and not working properly? Now is the time to go in for new custom wood & glass garage door. You can make your house look like new and give it a facelift by installing new garage doors. Fall in love with our large collection of Aluminium Garage Doors, Carriage Garage Doors or any kind of Custom Glass Garage Doors. Our technicians will give you a jaw-dropping finish to your garage door which will enhance the value of your property. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our collection as well as with the way we work.

Broken Torsion Spring Repair

broken garage door cypress, ca

Is your garage door not opening properly, but all the other components seem to be in good working condition? Then it could be a problem with your Garage Door Springs which might have become worn out and eventually has given way. We are the experts in Broken Torsion Spring Repair and we carry with us all kinds of springs in all required sizes so that we can repair your garage the minute we analyze the problem. As we have been dealing with all kinds of garage doors there is nothing that we do not know about them and we can fix almost any problem that you might be facing with your garage door extension springs.

Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement

opener repair cypress, ca

Is your Chamberlain Garage Door Opener making noises and not doing its job? There could be a problem with your opener’s main drive gear, which our handy garage door repair and replacement technicians can replace in no time at all. Garage Door Opener Repair is a matter for professionals to handle as there could be just a problem with a loose wire or a broken switch which when left to amateurs can cost you a lot of money. We repair Garage Door Remote Openers almost every day and we can fix or replace any part and in the meantime, will also help you save money by doing the job expertly and quickly.

Gate Repair

gate repair cypress, ca

Is your gate refusing to open even though it is a new one and you are not able to find out the problem? The first thing that we would recommend as experts is to see whether it works after the power has been cut off and is disconnected from the chain. If the gate works properly, then there is a problem with the mechanism which we can set right easily. We are the experts in Automatic Gate Repair so you do not have to worry after calling us. We can fix Glass Gates, Iron Gates, Electric Gates and all kinds of residential and commercial gates.

Dented Garage Door Panel Replacement and Repair

garage door panel replacement cypress, ca

Did you accidently knock against your garage door and leave a big dent? Are you wondering whether to replace the whole thing rather than getting rid of it? Take our advice and let us Fix Garage Door Panel for you without having to change the entire door. It is relatively cheaper to get rid of dents than buying a new door. We have many dent removal techniques up our sleeves and if you want to watch the experts in dented garage door panel replacement and repair services, call us now. There is nothing about Garage Door Panel Installation or service that we do not know and we can remove the dents from any kind of garage doors.

Garage Door Track Repair

garage door track repair cypress, ca

Is your garage door not opening and closing smoothly and the door seems to open with a lot of strain? Then the problem could be Garage Door Out of Track and not with the door or the mechanism. We can easily rectify the problem by adjusting the tracks or lubricating them. You can be sure that we will find the solution to your problem as we are good in garage door track repair. We will answer your distress call and come to repair the track whenever the need arises. We will Put Door Back on Track for you and you can see your door move easily once again.

Garage Door Electronic Keypad and Locks

garage door lock and lock replacement cypress, ca

Are you fed up of using keys to open your garage door and wish to purchase garage door electronic keypad and locks? Then look no further for you have come to the right place as we deal with Garage Door Lock Handles and Access Devices of all brands and all kinds of access devices. This is the age for smart locks and we deal with all brands of locks to make electric gates look like something out of science fiction. These locks are designed in such a way so as to discourage burglars from even trying to pick them. As locks are the only defense your garage door has, call us immediate action as our garage door company works round the clock.

Garage Door Sensor Repair

garage door sensor repair cypress, ca

Is your garage door reversing direction unexpectedly, and you suspect that it is a problem with your remote? It could be a problem with your Garage Door Safety Sensors as sometimes they can malfunction if they get misaligned. In such cases, the remote will not work, but only blink when you press the button which might cause you to think that the remote is the one at fault. This is why it is best to leave certain matters to the experts as the problem might not be what you think it could be but something entirely different. Our team can handle any kind of Garage Door Sensor Repair for you at a low price.

Cables, Drums, & Rollers

Most of the time garage doors will work with no problem at all but sometimes there could be a malfunction due to any part getting broken or worn out because of constant use. Some of the most common things that might have to be replaced occasionally are cables, drums and rollers. Garage Door Drums and cables are an important part of the garage door mechanism as they keep the balance of the door perfect when you open and close them. These kinds of minor repairs can be done in a relatively short period of time and our team is always prepared for any kind of repair work.

Service & Maintenance

Although most customers feel that they can easily perform routine maintenance checks, they are not equipped and qualified for such jobs. It will take a trained eye to anticipate and identify problems. Moreover, with your busy lifestyle, it will be next to impossible to do the job on a regular basis, which is why we are happy to offer you our services. Our team will come to your house to perform routine checks to ensure that your garage door is always working well and to maintain proper functionality. When you buy from us, we will also give Garage Door Warranty for you and we will make certain that we do our part perfectly.


There are many videos out there on the internet on how to install Automatic Garage Doors on your own, but even the simplest of all doors will require precision and a steady hand. Garage doors can be quite heavy and some of the latest ones come with tricky mechanisms that will work correctly only when installed in the proper way. Giving garage and gate installation to experts will only help the customer to have a lifelong gate that will not break down easily. Although there is nothing wrong in installing it yourself, you will be able to see a difference in the performance and working of the door when done by experts.


we repair all makes, models & brands of garage doors in Cypress, ca

Buying a New Garage Door or even a new part for your existing one, is like making an investment that will give you huge returns in terms of safety and value in the future. That is why we give you a wide choice of custom glass garage doors and other custom doors. We will help you choose only what you need as we are not interested in making a profit as much as we are in making your home a safer place to live in. Come to us if you have a brand in mind and we can satisfy you with the best in garage doors.

Our Mission

We realize that customers are our biggest asset and that is why our mission revolves around making our customers get what they need rather than what we want to sell. Whether we are dealing with Residential Garage Doors or gates for commercial purposes, our first check is to ensure that our customers are getting the quality that they deserve. Our mission is to create a garage door that will last them a lifetime with as little maintenance as possible. Our business is built on the customer’s suggestions, needs and their growing need for a better security with all the latest in technology.

Why Choose Us

We have never had a customer leave us and that says a lot about who we are and how we work in the garage door business. We always make sure that our customers understand what the problem is and the best way to solve it. We also give our customers the best possible price as we want them to be totally satisfied when the job is over. We provide all our services with a smile and are supportive of our customers’ choices. In this competitive world, we take the pace slowly and help our customers to be comfortable with the choices that they make even if it happens to be a simple job like a Garage Door Opener Repair.

About Us

We are a Garage Door company who specializes in all kinds of doors and gates for both residential and commercial purposes. Each home and office will require different security features and varied needs when it comes to Garage Doors and Electric Gates and that is why we have products from all the top manufacturers. We will be happy to meet you any time to discuss any project that you have in mind or just to give you advice on what to buy. We are certified and authorized dealers who have been in the top of the business for so long that we have even set the standards in the industry.